Sunday, April 27, 2014

A new address for Lauryn!

   Now that Lauryn has been discharged from the Hospital and is receiving her care as an Out-Patient, her family has set up a new mailing address for all the wonderful cards and care packages that are being sent.   Please continue to send your goodies to her new mailing address:

Miss Lauryn Newsome
P.O. Box 172
Thornburg, VA 22565

   Note:  Any and all cards/gifts that were sent to the hospital address, will be held and given to her when she comes in for her next treatment.   Do not worry if you have sent a package or card there, they will hold it for her.

    She also LOVES having cards and little gifts to open, so please continue to send them.    Thank You!!

Photo: All snug at the outpatient facility, munching on cookies. :)
All snug at the outpatient facility, munching on cookies. 


  1. good to hear, will change address on my blog when I get home............