Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Wishes and a Special Request!

     A special request --

     I am posting this to all my dear card-making friends and also ask that you please share this request with everyone you know.  I have also posted this on my blog and want everyone to please feel free to do the same.

    It's a special request from a dear little three year old, who is battling childhood Leukemia.  Her name is Lauryn Newsome and I'm sure some of you will remember the card drive and blog hop and we hosted for her and her amazing family earlier this year.  Lauryn has been a super little patient, and everyone we are thrilled at who well she has responded to her treatments.  Lauryn is currently in remission and the maintenance phase of her cancer treatments.  This link will take you to her Facebook page, where you can keep up to date on her treatments and daily life -- "Fight on Little Lauryn".

Photo: This is Lauryn! She was diagnosed with B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in March 2014, and placed on a high risk treatment plan in May. She has been in remission since August and just entered her Maintenance phase of treatment thus week at age three. Please go to her page, Fight On Little Lauryn to see how she's doing and cheer her on!!
Photo shared from  Lauryn's Facebook Page

    At the time of her card drive a special private Post Office box was set up for all her cards and wonderful gifts.  Now, we would LOVE to have you help fill the box once again with Christmas Cards, at her own request.   She loves to go to her box and is always is sad when it's empty, so let's try and keep it full for a long time.

     When I read the post about her asking for cards, I was happy to share it on my Facebook page and also wanted to share it her.  It would mean so much to this sweet little "Princess" to find mail in her special box.   Kindly send cards to:

Miss Lauryn Newsome
P. O. Box 172
Thornburg, VA 22565

    I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who has graciously sent cards in the past and encourage you all to continue to do so.  What better gift than to put a smile of this sweet little girl's face.

    We all look forward to the day that Lauryn will be cured and will have completed all of her treatments.  She's done awesome and been a superstar patient, and that's a JOY!

Photo shared from Lauryn's Facebook Page
Lauryn and her Siblings

Lauryn with Mom and Dad at a Special Gala hosted to
fund Pediatric Cancer Research!

Photo: She's amazing!! Sprung out of bed this morning with sore legs and put on her Elsa dress. She's ready for the day!

Lauryn did get sick last night but it is expected and seems to have passed for now. She's moving forward with physical therapy today.

Merry Merry Christmas to Lauryn 
and her dear family!!

Please continue to keep them all
in your thoughts and prayers~

Thank you~